• men: women who wear makeup are just lying to us
  • men: it's 8 inches
29.Jul.14 10 hours ago

Sharing the page on Facebook is really helpful too especially if you’re friends with adults because adults have credit cards and are probably more likely to donate so yeah there’s that.


28.Jul.14 19 hours ago
Hey, I read your post and I really wish I could help out. But I wanted to say best of luck to you. The surgery price doesn't seem right though so you should inquire more about it. I really do hope everything gets better... It's terribly depressing 😥

I know, I looked into it more today and somewhere along the line there was a misunderstanding with the price information I got while I was at the vet. It should only be about 1-2 grand but that’s just the first surgery, now there’s a possibility that hell need another one afterwards, ugh. But thank you, I appreciate it.

28.Jul.14 19 hours ago